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Hey, it’s April and Kelly! We are thrilled to announce that we are launching our new business, CHAOS 2 CALM. We have dreamed of coming alongside busy families to provide a sense of calm in this chaos we call “life,” and now we can!

As moms, we understand the value of a moment. We yearn for life to slow down just enough to fully embrace the memories we cherish. In the busyness we find ourselves, we dare not blink. For that moment we work so hard to create suddenly seems to pass us by. Oh, if we could enjoy a perspective that would allow us to stop, breathe, and smile when we think of the next day that lies ahead for us! That is true bliss. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help make that just a little more attainable for the families of Forsyth County, GA.

You may be asking why would we venture on this new journey now? Seems like a pretty crazy time in history to be starting something new. But that is precisely why…if not now, then when? If as a community, we do not stop the craziness of our schedules and embrace time with loved ones…it will continue to slip away.  And in that blink of an eye, our time will be gone. That is the funny thing about life…we so look forward for the next season yet rush through it only to find ourselves yearning for just a few more moments once we reach the other side.

As we are raising our families, we have learned how difficult it is to manage the overwhelming tasks that life brings. We all seem to be running in a hundred different directions, yet not getting anywhere. Certainly, we are not spending cherished quality time with the ones we love most. There is just not enough time or energy left.


This past year has been difficult for many of us. For me personally, it has been the hardest year I have ever experienced due to the loss of my dear sister, Robin. Amongst all the sorrow, I have been energized to live life to the fullest, go after my biggest dreams, and embrace daily the ones I love. Because that is precisely what I learned through the life of my fun loving, spirited sister, Robin. Despite everything cancer tried to take from her, she only saw joy and never got caught up in the things that just don’t matter. She left the laundry to pile up because it was much more important for her to spend time with her eight children. She tackled every holiday and birthday like it was the most important one yet. “Put the chores aside…plan time to play and laugh”, that was her motto and she lived it so well. At C2C (CHAOS 2 CALM), we wish to give you back that time to play and laugh.


I wouldn’t say this year has been as difficult for me as it has been eye-opening. Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 my family, like many, was forced to completely stop our normal routines and simply stay home. To spend LOTS of time together. We played board games, watched movies and TV shows together. We had meals together every night. We did LIFE together. We did EVERTHING together. We grew closer. I also witnessed more couples walking together in the neighborhood, families riding bikes and playing in their front yards. It was touching to see families spending quality time together again. Many families have undergone unspeakable loss and heartache, so I do not say these things to be insensitive to their intense pain. I only know that for us, we have been reminded just how important it is to STOP and make family time happen. The dishes and laundry can wait, and the floors can be swept tomorrow. I must cherish these moments in time with my family NOW. I can never get this time back. 


Time is a commodity and should be treated as so. Do not spend another moment on things that do not matter. Stop feeling guilty for asking for help. Let C2C handle those chores that anyone could do, while you use that time to make lifelong memories with your loved ones. If you are finding your family in a cycle of chaos, reach out to us. We would love to come alongside as your family assistants giving you back that luxury of time.

We provide services in the areas of Home / Life Management, Home Organization, Event Planning, Senior Support (non-medical), and Move Management. Check out our website at and be sure to sign up to receive our monthly newsletters. We ask that everyone please like and share our vision (CHAOS 2 CALM) through Facebook and Instagram. In doing so, you will allow us to reach more families whom we can support and serve. Thanks!!

Because…“You can do anything, but can’t do everything!

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